I work for a segment of Harris Corporation. Below is some of the work I have created for them. Unfortunately I can't show a lot of it, we tend to do a lot of work associated with aliens, secret moon bases, and how that string between the cans really works. A lot of it is super cool, but I don't want to lose my job...so you won't get to see all of it. I am pretty passionate about protecting our brand, I will straight up fight you (not really) to protect it. 


Responsible for directing, leading, and supervising all aspects of a production from initial concept development through completion. Below are some examples of work I directed, filmed, and/or edited myself. 


Part of my job is to create digital signage for employee communications. These screens are displayed on 40+ screens located throughout our campuses. They aren't required to adhere to any of our companies branding, so I tend to just have fun with them. Below is a small sample.


Part of the gig is to manage and create artwork for internal and external events for the company. Below are some of the material for the grand opening of the Harris Technology Center, a six-story, 464,000-square-foot building, is the centerpiece for the company's most advanced engineering efforts...long description short, it's just a bad ass building. I handled the artwork for the event, creating every one of the 50+ items for the event. I also got to hold the ribbon for the cutting, NO PRESSURE!


Some logos I have created over the years. 


Some of the slides I created for a presentation used by Pure Earth Industries.